Face Lifting Patch Invisible Artifact Sticker Lift Chin Thin Face Sticker Adhesive Tape Make-up Face Lift Tools, INSTANT FACE, NECK AND EYE LIFT TAPE (Pack of 30 + 10 BONUS PCS) 0.01mm Ultra Thin

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Effectively enhances and firmes the face, thins chin and face,create V-shape face.
It's completely invisible and it's definitely not for people to notice your tape.
Instant face, neck and eye lift tape (pack of 30 + 10 bonus pcs) 0.01mm ultra thin elastic adhesive stickers tightens skin and eliminates wrinkles around face, jaw, and neck area for a younger look!
HOW IT WORKS: The Concealed Beauty tape are medical grade, ultra thin (0.01mm) films with one adhesive side, meant to be applied to two skin locations of your choice to ultimately pulled closer together, achieving a tightening effect. Because it is elastic, when stretched; the natural tendency of the elastic film is to return back to shape, providing that magical lift or tightening effect
HOW IS IT HIDDEN: The transparent, medical grade, hypoallergenic elastic tape is very much like a second skin. Once applied and all sticker backings are peeled/removed, you will barely notice the tape. In addition to the tapes being transparent, they also have a matte finish which makes it easier to conceal.